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PostSubject: DEEP IMPACT IS THE SHIZZLE MA NIZZLE!   January 23rd 2008, 4:56 pm

So, I did some testing today.

I love to run the G36C silenced and usually carry Stopping Power. I've been using the MP5 silenced but the rifle jumps a lot more at medium to long range and doesn't shoot through walls or even sheet metal hardly at all. It's a nuesance when trying to blow up claymores carrying bombsquad with the MP5 so the G36C it is. I *might* try usuing it in clan matches b/c it is a very strong and accurate rifle. You can hold down the trigger and the recoil with the silencer minimizes it to have little up creep.

We ALL know most of the hiding spots on maps (behind walls). I'm the biggest fan of DEAD SILENCE in here and I turned RING onto it a while back, but today I tested Deep Impact with my buddy DUCATTI88 and it was fukin' amazing! Certain maps like Bog, Bloc, Vacant, Showdown and ESPECIALLY Wet Works are littered with walls and obstacles. Here's what I found:

Tested Bog defending "A". Standing at "A" target with a silenced G36C I could shoot through both concrete walls and kill him crouched next to the dumpster outside the hall. It worked while using Overkill carrying a G3 AND a G36C backup. I was shocked! I'm SURE it would be easy to shoot through B canister and kill someone fast dropping at B. I could shoot through the corners of columns in Crash and easily through the concrete barriers.

Now in GB, using an M16 with juggernaut and DI! FUCK! I think the DI actually acted like Stopping Power was added. More testing tonight.

Now, I know there are maps where I would never give up DS. I know it is a HUGE benefit that ANYTIME we hear someone walking we know it's an enemy. For that reason, we may ALWAYS run DS. But on certain maps we have trouble with like Vacant, Wet Works or Showdown. Shooting through walls, cargo bins and columns *could* make a huge difference!

When I creep in clan matches I will usually do so with the rifle zoomed in b/c you don't make any sound (if you're not running DS).

When I played RB6 I spent hours testing weapon shot patterns, recoils stopping power and accuracy. I love to do it. Tell me what you guys think. Let's keep an open mind. It *might* be worth giving up DS on some maps or at least a couple of us might depending upon the position.

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PostSubject: Re: DEEP IMPACT IS THE SHIZZLE MA NIZZLE!   January 23rd 2008, 9:32 pm

Good shit sleepski, do what you like best!
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